Hey! Are you a foodie ?

And planning to start your own food blog ? Then don’t waste even a fraction of second to start your blog.

And planning to start your own food blog? Then don’t waste even a fraction of a second to start your blog.

Food blogging is also one of the competitive career options. Blogging will give you exposure to new things, will give you a wonderful experience, and would definitely enhance your creativity and innovative skills. Being a foodie and food lover has always been an advantage to food bloggers.

But as you know a great power comes out with great responsibility, therefore, you should always keep few things in mind:

Do follow for fellow food bloggers.

  • Add your blog in engagement groups so that you can be in touch with other bloggers and also keep yourself updated.
  • Engage with your followers so that they can know you by your name.
  • Use best hashtags related to food pic and dishes because that attracts followers.
  • Food should be crystal clear in the picture it would be better if you choose a portrait mode.
  • Use snapseed for editing pictures and at the end what matters is your content always and don’t forget to promote your blog and your post on all social media platforms.

And do remember just like inspiration, an equally important fact is criticism.

So post good content work hard and make sure you never lose your shine because people won’t ever understand the hard work we put before publishing the post.

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