The change in Readership

Blogs are known to make a lot of money through their interesting content, simple and interactive language and regular readership.

Blogs are known to make a lot of money through their interesting content, simple and interactive language, and regular readership. It’s not always very easy to maintain a regular readership. Audiences tend to change their reading habits with changing situations and requirements. World today has seen many changes not just in terms of the readers but the whole environment and life of people. With the adaptation into their “new” forms of life, people’s readership patterns have been seen changing. Many blogs which were not that popular earlier but are now earning huge amounts of money with the change in readership patterns.

These were just a few categories of blogs that have gained popularity in this time or say during this pandemic.

There could be many other categories since blogging is a vast and huge platform. The thing which is in common is these bloggers generally maintain a particular style, method, topic, and genre of their blog and they do not shift to some other genre. That’s they gain people’s trust and readability.

Let’s discuss a few such categories of blogging

  1. Healthcare: As we all know; blogging can be about anything and everything. Healthcare blogs were doing good and they served a particular type of audience on a daily basis. With the pandemic and the type of emergency everyone is facing nowadays, healthcare readership has seen a huge rise in the past few months. People have started focusing on their health due to the fear of covid19 and healthcare blogs just serve them right. Bloggers and influencers who used to post videos and information about health and fitness have got a huge following in this particular time. Not just this, but a lot of Ayurveda-related blogs have been read and appreciated by people worldwide. In here, there could be various subcategories and divisions like medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, exercise, aerobics, Zumba aerobics, hygiene, etc.
  2. DIY (do it yourself): These kinds of blogs are pretty famous nowadays. Since everyone is at home due to pandemics, a lot of people have tried different things at home. DIY or do it yourself is one such category where people post about things products or services that you can easily do at home. These blogs can include various tutorials about different topics, for example about the kitchen and how to maintain it, about making beautiful handicrafts at home, making good-to-go products if you do not have a professional product right now, and so on. People appreciate and share these blogs because they provide life hacks that save a lot of time and money sometimes.
  3. Relationships: This category of blogging has ever been popular. The reason this category has been included in this list is because of the increase in the number of its readership. There are many people who are facing relationship problems due to the long distance between them and their partners, with their family members, or maybe with their friends. A lot of people are having issues with their friend circles and the very fact that no one can meet each other to rectify any of the issues makes the situation worse. Therefore, a lot of people have been moving towards these blogs to find a solution to their problems, to experience a sense of relativity, and to cope up with their feelings and emotions. Bloggers of these blogs are mostly experts and advisers who also have a section where they answer the queries and questions put up by the readers.
  4. Controversial: This is hard to accept by many readers but it’s true! Reading about controversies is still a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. there are right now hundreds of blogs online which post about controversial headlines or stories and they are getting readership. People are sitting at home and they need some or the other sort of entertainment online. These bloggers provide them with spicy and non-mainstream stories that the readers find fascinating. This on the other hand enhances gossips and chats around those topics which in turn increases the number of readers for these blogs.
  5. Reaction: This category has emerged in the last few years. Bloggers make reaction videos and post about their reaction to a movie, a series, web series, game, or song. These blogs have gained huge popularity as people have moved towards online streaming options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc and they look forward to the reviews of the shows and movies. These bloggers provide the readers with their honest opinions about a movie or a show and many people decide whether they want to watch a particular kind of movie or show after viewing the reaction.

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